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Eric Lequertier - architecte paysagiste Saint-Malo Rennes Dinan Dinard

Lighting Designer

In a garden, there are no limits to creativity.

Creating a garden is both useful and pleasant. Today, the garden has become something of a living room. Lighting up your garden therefore gives you two gardens in one:

A day garden designed in harmony with the environment and its occupants
And a new night garden which, in addition to is useful purposes for moving around and safety, must enhance the plants and flowers, not to mention the rocks, waterfalls, bridges, sculptures...

A garden enhanced by lighting will create a new dimension, a new ambiance. This “second garden”, designed with the talent of Eric Lequertier will be imbued with poetry, which will only reveal itself at nightfall to the privileged few.

Good lighting is all about having just enough and not too much, so you are not left dazzled. Eric Lequertier has a golden rule: light up a little to impress a lot.







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