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Eric Lequertier - architecte paysagiste Saint-Malo Rennes Dinan Dinard

My philosophy

Gardens are one of man’s oldest creations.

In the beginning, there was heaven. The story of the Garden of Eden is as old as the world. In the book of Genesis, the story of heaven describes a life at one with nature.

It was in a garden that man lived a life of harmony. To achieve this harmony, the landscape architect considers the plant for what it is, and at the same time, enhances it through his work as an artist. This work is just as difficult as, and to a certain extent similar to, that of a painter. And it is with small, successive touches that he shapes, perfects, and reshapes his painting. However, what really distinguishes the landscape architect from a painter is nature. Because, gardens are constantly rebuilding themselves over time, they live in the open air and are closely related to the landscape.


On the other hand, gardens only get along with those who know the soil, exposure, water resources and plants that they are home to.

You also have to anticipate what they will grow into in one, two, ten years’ time... while taking into account the various flowering periods and floral, leaf and wood colour combinations. Because, each season, gardens have to paint a different picture.

Faced with the power of nature, we learn to remain modest, simple.

In exchange for such demands, they offer to become:

  • a place like no other
  • a place where, although you are outside, you are at home
  • a place of solitude and company
  • a place which is constantly changing but always remains itself

In short, a place that brings us together and which has to have that “je ne sais quoi” that Marivaux (1688-1763) talked about when he started the panegyric of the landscape garden. The fact that we not only find the creation beautiful but that it also has that “little something special” that makes us want to make it our own, that we feel comfortable there.


You have to give a garden soul. As I see it, the concept of soul applies to gardens because the genius loci, its history and passion can play a role, as can the strange feeling that the trees and flowers enjoy flourishing there.
Eric Lequertier’s role is to ensure the garden is in harmony with the home and create living spaces with rooms that are more or less open-plan that he will seek to intelligently tie together.

The house includes naturraly the garden. It is another room which has become as impotant as the living room, the playroom, or the kitchen. As soon as Eastern arrive, this room will be used.
This living space of the house is where You can enjoy with your feelings : comfort, relaxation,  eye and nose stimulation and peace. The garden must be an area of serenity and well-being. Thus, taking possession in one’s garden corresponds to this will of well-being coming back to the essentials values of the Nature.






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