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Eric Lequertier - architecte paysagiste Saint-Malo Rennes Dinan Dinard

How we work

Stage 1 - Le Contact

During your call, an employee will collect information and arrange a meeting in order to assess your exact needs.

Stage 2 - Evaluation des besoins

During the meeting, we will define your specific needs and expectations together, our goal being to fulfill your wishes. We will determine the conditions together in view of the services: day and time at which work will be carried out, estimation of the duration of work...

Stage 3 - Le Contrat

After signing a contract confirming your agreement with the elements discussed together during the first meeting, we will confirm the date and time at which work will first be carried out.

Stage 4 - L'intervention

The employee that you met during the initial meeting will accompany the employee appointed to carry out the service the first time he comes to your home. This will give you the opportunity to get to know him and we will confirm together the tasks to be carried out. Upon completion of each service, our employee will fill out an operations form which specifies the tasks carried out and the time spent, while ensuring the terms of the contract are respected. In order to ensure a high-quality service, all work at your home will be carried out by the same person, except under special circumstances (holidays, illness etc.)

Stage 5 - Suivi des prestations

After the first intervention, we will phone you to discuss the services provided. We will then contact your regularly to ensure that you are still satisfied and send you a satisfaction questionnaire in order to collect your feedback and suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for any other information or request.

Stage 6 - Le Paiement

There are no subscription or administrative fees.
We accept a variety of means of payment: cheque, CESU préfinancé (prepaid universal employment services cheque) bank transfer, direct debit etc.






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