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Eric Lequertier - architecte paysagiste Saint-Malo Rennes Dinan Dinard

Medieval gardens

Food and rest for the soul

Monks loved to rest their souls there, to draw near to God through the daily working and domestication of nature.

In this garden dedicated to meditation and food, you will find the spirit of these gardens and the three axes grouped together around a fountain symbolising life and a lost Eden.

  • The first is the monks area where small parcels of land were organised to grow medicinal plants.
  • The second, once again based on parcels of land, surrounded by sweet chestnut trellises, was situated near the kitchen. This was the orchard - vegetable patch.
  • The third was a garden dedicated to the Virgin, the “Mary garden”. A place for meditation in abbeys and monasteries.

Eric Lequertier will create a serene space for you, far away from the chaos of everyday life, by shaping a medieval garden.






Rénovation et Décoration de la Maison